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Murguia's AP Lit
Welcome back!  Whether this is your first time in an AP class or you are an AP veteran, it is my hope to make this class a valuable and enjoyable experience for you.  We will be reading and discussing some of the most important and influential pieces of literature in history.  We will work as a team to improve all of our analysis and test-taking skills in order to maintain the expectations of AP classes at RHS.  Best of all, we're going to have fun doing it.  You're all seniors and this should be the best of your four years at RHS. 
Class Web Pages
Daily Assignments
Monday, March 6th (59)
I. Voice Lesson/Imagery: Eliot
II. Review vocabulary
III. Finish work on Victorian Poetry

For the Week of 3/27-3/31
I. Poetry Response #9
Period 2 Due 3/28
Period 3 Due 3/29
Period 1 Due 3/30

Sound and Sense Chapter 10 Due 3/28
Poem # ?s
117 1,2
119 1, 2, 3
127 1,2, 3, 4, 5
Friday, March 3rd (60)
I. Vocabulary/Poetry Quiz
II. Poetry Team Challenge #5
III. Finish Victorian Poetry Work
Thursday, March 2nd (61)
I. Voice Lesson/Imagery: Williams
II. Discuss Ace Reviews
III. Continue Victorian Poetry Work
Wednesday, March 1st (62)
I. Voice Lesson/Detail: Whitman
II. Finish Practice of Dashes and Colons (It is part of the PowerPoint in the Writing folder)
III. Begin Notes/Work on Victorian Poetry
Tuesday, February 28th (63)
I. Crime and Punishment Timed Write
Monday, February 27th (64)
I. Voice lesson/Imagery: Coleridge
II. Review Vocabulary
III. Discuss C&P Questions
IV. Review Dashes and Colons (In the writing folder0

Next Week's Work
Poetry Response #8
Period 3 Due 3/7
Period 1 Due 3/8
Period 2 Due 3/9

Sound and Sense Chapter 9 Due 3/7
Read Chapter 9
Poem #s ?s
103/104 1,2
107 2, 3, 4
114 2, 3, 4

Friday, February 24th (65)
I. Vocabulary Quiz
II. Team Poetry Challenge #4
III. Time to work on C & P questions/Pizza Box

Thursday, February 23rd (66)
I. Voice Lesson/Imagery:Webb
II. Work on C & P Group Work
Wednesday, February 22nd (67)
I. Voice Lesson/Tone: Donne
II. Finish Romanticist Work
Tuesday, February 21st (68)
I. Poetry Timed Write

Assignments for Next Week:
Poetry Response #7
Period 1 2/28
Period 2 3/1
Period 3 3/2

Sound and Sense Chapter 8 Due 2/28
Read Chapter 8
Poem # ?s
94 2, 3, 4
99 1, 2
100 2, 3, 4

Crime and Punishment Pizza Box Project Due 3/2
Monday, February 13th (71)
*Please make sure to pay your AP exam fees as soon as possible.
I. Review vocabulary
II. Finish Tone Practice from Friday

Assignments for Next Week
Poetry Response #6
Period 2 2/21
Period 3 2/22
Period 1 2/23

Sound and Sense Chapter 7 Due 2/21
Read Chapter 7
Poem # ?s
75 2, 3, 4, 6
81 1, 2
87 1, 2

Crime and Punishment Part VI plus Epilog
Due 2/23
If you have not made your deposit for the AP exam, we will be walking over to the finance office on Monday.
Wednesday, February 8th (75)
I. Voice Lesson/Imagery: Browning
II. Finish Metaphysical Poetry Work
Tuesday, February 7th (76)
I. Poetry Timed Write #4
Monday, February 6th (77)
I. Voice Lesson/ Tone: Wilbur
II. Vocabulary Review
III. Discuss and return "The Groundhog"
IV. Continue Metaphysical Poetry

Next Week
Poetry Response #5
Period 3 2/14
Period 1 2/15
Period 2 2/16

Sound and Sense Chapter 6 Due 2/14
Read Chapter 6
Poem # ?s
62 1,2
64 2,4
66 1,2

Crime and Punishment Part V Due 2/16
Friday, February 3rd (78)
I. Vocabulary/Poetry Quiz
II. Team Poetry Challenge #3
III. Metaphysical Poetry
Thursday, February 2nd (79)
I. Voice Lesson/Tone: Plath
II. Finish Realist Poetry
III. Begin Metaphysical Poetry
Wednesday, February 1st (80)
I. Voice Lesson/Tone: Pope
II. Realist Poetry Work in Teams
Tuesday, January 31st (81)
I. Poetry Timed Write #3
Monday, January 30th (82)
*I will be out tomorrow scoring ACADEC essays at the county office. As such, all assignment due dates for this week are pushed back one day. Sound and Sense work will be due on Wed., Crime and Punishment on Fri., and the Poetry Responses are all due one day later than scheduled.

I. Voice Lesson/Detail: Sandburg
II. Vocabulary Review
III. Essay Norming for "A Story"

Assignments for Next Week 2/6-2/10
Poetry Response #4
Period 1 Due 2/7
Period 2 Due 2/8
Period 3 Due 2/9

Sound and Sense Chapter 5 Due 2/7
-Read Chapter 5
Poem #s ?s
45 1, 2, 3
48 1, 2
56 1, 2, 3

Crime and Punishment Part IV Due 2/9

Friday, January 27th (83)
I. Vocabulary/Poetry Quiz
II. Team Poetry Challenge #2
III. Notes on Realist Poetry (Copy from someone on your team)
Thursday, January 26th (84)
I. Discuss Poetry #1 Essay Concerns
II. MC Poetry Practice #1

AP Testing Agreements Are Due Tomorrow.
The Following Students Have Not Turned In Their Agreements:
Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Wednesday, January 25th (85)
I. Voice Lesson/Detail: Milton
II. Norm and Return Poetry Essays
Tuesday, January 24th (86)
I. Poetry Timed Write #2
Friday, January 20th (88)
I. Vocabulary/Poetry Quiz
II. Team Poetry Challenge #1
III. Complete team work on Classical Poetry
Monday, January 23rd (87)
I. Review Vocabulary
II. Complete and discuss Classical Poetry
III. Discuss Poetry Essay #1

Next Week's Assignments:
Poetry Response #3
Period 2 Due 1/31
Period 3 Due 2/1
Period 1 Due 2/2

Sound and Sense Chapter 4 Due 1/31
Read Chapter 4
Poem # ?s
34 2, 3, 4
36 1, 2, 3

Crime and Punishment Part III Due 2/2
Thursday, January 19th (89)
I. Discuss Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation Applications
II. Voice Lesson/Imagery: Bishop
III. Continue Team Work on Classical Poetry
Wednesday, January 18th (90)
I. Voice Lesson/Tone: Eliot
II. Notes on Classical Poetry (Copy from a team member)
III. Team work on Classical Poetry
Tuesday, January 17th (91)
I. Poetry Essay #1
-Period 1 Turn in Poetry Response #1
-All classes turn in Sound and Sense Chapter 2 Questions

Next Week
Poetry Response #2
Period 3 Due 1/24
Period 1 Due 1/25
Period 2 Due 1/16

Sound and Sense Chapter 3 Due 1/24
Poem # ?s
22 1, 2
23 2, 3
31 2, 3

Crime and Punishment
Part II Questions Due 1/26
Wednesday, January 11th (94)
I. Check out Crime and Punishment and Sound and Sense
II. Discuss Crime and Punishment and Pizza Box Project
III. Begin discussing poetry assignments/notes

For Next Week
Poetry Response #1
Period 1 Due 1/17
Period 2 Due 1/18
Period 3 Due 1/19

Sound and Sense Chapter 2
Read Chapter 2
Poem #s ?s
15 1, 2, 3, 4
16 1, 2, 3, 4

Crime and Punishment Part I
Read Part I
Answer One Question Per Chapter in Part I
Tuesday, January 10th (95)
I. Prose Timed Write

*Please remember that we are checking out Crime and Punishment and Sound and Sense tomorrow. You should also be returning Pride and Prejudice.
Monday, January 9th
I. Voice Lesson/Detail: Hazlit
II. Review Vocabulary
III. Discuss Curriculum Paper/Second Semester: Curriculum Papers Due Tomorrow, a copy is available in the administrative papers folder
IV. Discuss Poetry Expectations/Assignments

*We are returning Pride and Prejudice on Wednesday and checking out Crime and Punishment and our poetry textbook Sound and Sense
New Vocabulary
I hope all of you are enjoying time with family and friends. Your new and last vocabulary list has been posted in the vocabulary folder for those of you who want to get ahead of your work. See you next week.

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Discussion Topics
Class Files and Handouts
 AP Lit Administrative Papers, Notes, Etc.
Curriculum Paper, Syllabus, Survey, Introduction, Etc.
 Short Term Assignments
The assignments listed here are those that come up throughout the semester, but are not expected to last for the duration of the semester.
 Writing Notes
The files in this folder will include the basic notes needed to guide you through the writing process.
 Oedipus Work
The file contains work and notes associated with the play Oedipus Rex
This file has the vocabulary lists for first and second quarter.
 Pride and Prejudice
The folder contains documents that support your reading of Pride and Prejudice.
 Voice Lessons
Included are the Voice Lessons we have worked on in class. Look at dates so you know which to complte.
Class Homework
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